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Abysm came out of a desire to create a niche multi-level website dedicated to all-things-dark, unsettling and beautiful. This is the first level, a marketplace which mission is to provide an additional storefront to artists and artisans of dark taste and facets, the more twisted, hair rising and disturbing art we get in here, the merrier. 

We have small independent studios (or backpacks) and are individual artisans, artists and craft-makers, items are hand crafted or hand assembled, the illustrators and painters among us offer usable quality prints.

And what is "all-dark"? Is of course a term that I’m using rather openly, but it surely encompasses: the gothic subcultures (except "pastel"…), fantastic horror, grotesque, monstrous, Cthulhu, Lovecraftian, macabre, Death, skulls or bones, demons, Black metal art, medieval Satanism, hell, the occult, black magic, witchcraft, mythology, nightmares and madness…. Personally, I like the term “Cimmerian” as in Greek Mythology: “relating to or denoting members of a mythical people who lived in perpetual mist and darkness near the land of the dead.” This should catch on…!

Make no mistake though, despite religious or evil associations to many of these terms, this platform's stance is entirely secular and cruelty-free. If still any of this makes you feel offended or emotionally vulnerable, this site is not for you; you are free to send us a hilarious email, and surf elsewhere.

We need arts, we need stories. We write them, and we become part of others. Here we are free to release our inner demons and transform them into creation. Each artist commands his and her own world, find the ones you resonate with and make them part of yours.


• Vows that will never be mainstream, or a corporate monster.

• Sellers here are wonderful unique artists. Can only open a shop after a careful review.

• We feature only unique items of a dark nature, concept or twist. 

• Is a safe place for everyone looking to express their inner demons in an art form. Despite "Religious" or moral associations to dark topics, no real life glorification of evil acts, cruelty or violence are tolerated on any part of this website.

How does Abysm work:

• We provide and facilitate the platform, transactions, promotion efforts and security.

• If you are a customer, sign in to be able to purchase anything or send questions to sellers. Once you see something you like, checking out can take as little as a minute.

• We immediately rely the information to the sellers. Sellers are responsible for maintaining good customer service, processing and delivering the orders.

• If you are a seller, in order to set up you shop, you need to connect your Stripe account, keep your shop up to date, write your description and shipping information, input your Shipping fees, and upload your items. A “Shop on Break” sign can be “hanged”, people can leave messages to the sellers but not purchase anything during the time the sign is up.

• Abysm is an organic entity; it will continually morph and change for the better. Is here to improve, do not hesitate to email us your feedback and comments.

Protection and Payment:

• Sellers in Abysm are handpicked and experienced artisans, each store has their own policies, and is advised that you take a look at them on each seller's page prior to any purchase.

• Stripe is our well-known and iron-secured payment processor.

• Currently it accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express, both Credit and Debit Cards.

• Should any eventualities happen, Stripe counts with quick and effective ways of issuing refunds and handing disputes.

Thinking that you would like to set up shop with us?

Welcome! Send us an email with a bit of information about yourself, and a link to your existing portfolio or shop(s).

Shared success: Our only fees are a commission of 10% per sale. The payment processor holds a transaction fee of 1.4%+20p for European cards or 2.9%+20p for non-European cards.

We actively promote our sellers through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and soon, Google Shopping

When you open a shop, you are automatically granting us permission to use your pictures on the advertisements, always with the name/logo of your shop and a link straight to it.

To our discretion and acting upon what we believe is best for everyone's success, both commission fees and the way promotion is handled is subject to change in the future, prior to any changes you will receive a timely notification.

Refer to our Terms of Use, Terms of Sale and Privacy and Cookie Policy for the fine prints.

Questions left? Shoot us an note!