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Deliciously Dark and Demonic Groups & Songs

Deliciously Dark and Demonic Groups & Songs


Music is often what puts us on the mood of creating and in the mood of feeling. I’m inspired to bring up a list of tunes of ritual, demonic or dark interest. For those of you looking for something strange that you might have overlooked before. There are of course millions of songs out there, I'm trying to bring together here those I find that are unique, that even may make their classification difficult.

Let's always try and support them, the only way the artists can continue making amazing music, is when is a full time profession.

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Let’s start with “Ambient"...


Described as ritual ambient, is just what you need to hear if you are having a difficult day, to relax and crack a devilish smile. At the top of the demonic list, their music is not only beautiful, but it just can’t get any more satanic, you’ll feel like you are in the middle of a ritual, and happy to be there.
I recommend the songs:
Bringer of the Luciferian Flame, Devil’s Mass, Profane the Twelve, Abjuring the Cross, and Midnight Procession.



Nothvs Filivs Mortis

I added their logo to the album cover
Now this is hell deep :D Hexentanz's Spanish cousins are nothing but professional goosebumps makers. Words can't describe... Must-listen include: Legio , Whore , and 1932… Unfortunately I was unable the two latter those songs for you to easily listen. :(




Dominion III

Industrial Ambient, the sounds of the post-apocalyptic world organized into rythim and music.
Code Red and Apocalyptic Views.






Through The Smoke and Nails and Pygmallion are a couple of tunes that surely every time I listen to they make me feel like I’m slowly sinking in a deep dark ocean.🖤




October Tide

Losing Tomorrow: A dark gothic song that sinks me even deeper, pleasantly so.






In Maidjan: ‘Viking’ ritual music, with such a cadence that you would feel part of their world in no time. Truly a wonderful piece.




Kirlian Camera

Kirlian Camera doesn't let their favourite genre, Darkwave, constrict their creativity in the least, the often spill out of their general sound into more incredible creations, such as:
Ascension, which is probably the most beautiful song I’ve heard about Death and dying. This is the one, I wanted played at my funeral if someone gives one.
And Embrace, has an entirely different tone, and is probably the most sexy song I’ve heard, I know I'm obsessed with demons so my opinion may be biased, but I can’t take off my imagination that the performance of male voice is from unnatural origins.

El Luto del Rey Cuervo

Translated: The Mourning of the Crow King. Is a Spanish band with a very unique obscure sound, is dark, but also energetic. Just give it a try! I recommend:
La Carroza Negra (The Black Coach) and El Sastrecillo (The Little Taylor) (Instrumental)





This is a very obscure band I stumbled upon looking for random medieval music years back.. for ages I wasn't able to find them a website, a facebook page.. nothing. Tonight while writing this I finally found out that this project was a one-woman-army, Sabine Stelzer from Germany. I’m not sure I can call their music 'dark' or that she intended it to feel like that, but is completely eerie, like a group of ghosts singing in the forest at night…
Recommended: A Virgen and Porque Yorach, do check out the others ones too!




Die Verbannten Kinder Evas

This music pulls at spiked wire holding the heart like few others. Their music is nostalgic and beautiful, brings images of dark ruins and fallen leaves. What else can we possibly ask for.
Try: Arise from Dreams Of Thee, From Silent RightIn Darkness Let Me Dwell, and Cease Sorrows Now.



Gaë Bolg And The Church Of Fand

This is a special one, if the apocalypse finally starts, all the dead raise from their tombs, and the demons start to swamp out of hell… La Veuve will be the soundtrack. Other notable mentions are La Meute and Gloria.





Mors Syphilitica

Eerie, nostalgic, heart-aching, and beautiful. Embodies the Gothic genre like few.
Never heard them before? Start with Ungrateful Girl, Remedy, and Hues of Longing.







Rosa Crux


Their music always brings me back a couple of thousand years.. somehow their music sounds really ancient, maybe because they sing in Latin? can the context of a language be that powerful? regardless, it plays with my soft insides for sure. Ideal tunes to listen to quietly while watching the moon, speaking of which: Noctes Insomnes (Sleepless Nights), Hel-Hel, In Tenebris, and the super ritual: Omnes Qvi Descendvm.



Sopor Aeternus


Is much more than just a band, is a spirit, performance, pain, is art, life, and as the singer puts it, is therapy. She says she does not rehearse, every song is sung and recorded *just once*, always, ever. A whole blog article could be dedicated to it. Check out her blog entry about why she doesn’t do concerts.
To me, Hades Pluton is still one of the most special songs in my music collection, the lyrics speak by themselves! 



Honourable mentions:


From the Maori musician Tiki Taane, with love: Tangaroa - God of the Sea a song that always puts a smile in my face (and makes me want to fight!), despite the tone, the short lyrics of this song are nothing but beautiful. 

The Hearse Song by Brilling, if the last one made me smile, this one makes me laugh like child in a toy store. Is it really possible that it was a song for children? today’s snowflakes would melt! 

Last but not least, is the song that in part inspired the name of this website. Abyss by the Gothic Archies.


Did you like this list? I would love to know, and I would love to know if it can be improved!