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For Customers:

In the event that a delivered items was not as described, was damaged, or defective:

• First get in touch with the seller to understand what happened, mistakes are annoying little imps, but we all make them. In the event of damage or defects, take pictures and report these issues directly to the seller as soon as you notice this problem. Most sellers already will have in place clear policies for the resolution of these issues.

• In the event that the Seller’s policies don’t suffice to resolve the issue, please refer to the rules governing these eventualities as established by law: Terms of Sale.

• Should both seller and customer fail to achieve a satisfactory resolution or settlement, gather receipts and pictures and report the issue to us.

Before contacting us, please remember that:

1. Abysm is first and foremost a facilitator between customers and sellers, if any issues arise you should first attempt to solve it directly with your customer or seller.

2. Unless you find a big on this page (please report it), troubleshooting specific to payments or disputes are under the dominion of Stripe, please contact them directly: https://support.stripe.com/. In case of a payment dispute, Stripe will charge the sellers a £15 fee, which will be refunded if the dispute is won in his/her favour.

3. As a customer, we kindly remind you that the following should not be grounds for opening a dispute:

• Your order did not arrive in time or at all due to factors within your control (your shipping address had typos or was the wrong address), and you did not contact the seller to let them know or did it late.

• Your order did not arrive due to circumstances beyond the seller’s control (inclement weather, natural disasters, the shipping company suddenly went on strike, the Apocalypse started).

• Abysm and the Sellers are not responsible for international duties and custom fees, if in doubt please check in advance.

• Other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Abysm or Sellers.

Problem persists? Contact us and provide all the information you can.

Sellers FAQ:

1. Q: How does Shipping and Shipping fees work?

A: On “My Shop” and “Settings & Shipping” you can write your own shipping fees for each region, currently the regions are: UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Latin America, East Asia, and Digital. Digital should remain in 0. When a client inputs their shipping country during Check Out, the fee will automatically add itself to their total.

2. Q: What about “Max Quantity”? How is this charged and how it relates to shipping?

A: This is designed to limit the amount of the same item that a person can buy from you per order. Keep in mind that clients will only be charged Shipping fee once per order.

3. Q: How to Edit/Delete my Items?

A: At this moment, only from “My Shop”: you will see an “Edit” button that will take you to the Upload page, from were you can also delete them.

4. Q: I need a break/vacation/pause my shop, is there a way?

A: Of course!, in “My Shop” and “Settings & Shipping", you can tick the box to “hang out a sign”, this will post a sign in your shop, and disable the “Check Out” button in your items, customers will still be able to send you messages.

Questions left? Shoot us an note!