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Drawstring Bag - Blood & Gore Reaper's Skull
Uploaded on 04/02/2018
Delivery Time: US: 7–10 business days.

A special design for those looking for a valuable accessory to combine with their own twisted and macabre taste for horror, skulls and gothic culture, as well as a little healthy bit of blood and gore. Memento mori, remember: Death and Time are the one true god, the only certainty. It’s nice to remind others too, isn’t it? :P Not to be shown to the feint of hearth though!

The bag itself is comfortable, strong, and useful, it can accompany you to work, to the grocery store, school, college, library, gym or shopping. Drawstring bags are also particularly great for *not* using plastic bags, with the additional benefit of looking way better.

Brand new and freshly printed and sewed for you at the moment you order. Do please remember that screen colours and actual printing colours may vary somewhat.

Other specifications and notes:
• Same front and back
• 100% spun polyester fabric. Easy to clean, it will last you a long time.
• Bag size 15”x17”
• Twin cotton handles, drawstring closure
• Somewhat resistant to liquids, but not entirely waterproof. :(
• Designed around the world, with love and wickedness, by me :P
• Printed in the United States

Remember: at the end of its life, don’t trash it!! donate it to an organization or put it to recycle. Remember that one reusable bag is worth at least 10000 plastic trash-able ones, plus all the other usable things it can become after is recycled.

Looking for a custom design? let me know!
Also check the same design printed on other items in my shop!

US: 7–10 business days.
Canada/Aus: 10-15 bis days.
Rest: 15-25 bis days.

Quantity: Max. Available: 25

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